Will check out for the book to go through it… 🙂 Just love the way this sticky date pudding looks like, especially that sauce! Vegans can also enjoy it by replacing the butter with coconut oil or margarine This is not a cake that you can flip, you can cut it in the pan and take it out in pieces The idea of going through your life with a new set of eyes, keeping only what makes you happy, leaving behind all else is intriguing to say the least
I took two suitcases, and left behind pretty much everything else — a home, a husband who was soon to become an ex-, two dogs, all my books, all my kitchen stuff A feeling I am sure can relate to as her family prepares for a sabbatical in Europe

Then add salt, nutmeg, cinnamon.

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Thanks Sawsan for always enlightening us with your posts
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17 Join 14,976 other followers Email Address: Follow Looking for something? You have to let go of everything else
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What to take, what to leave and what to let go of
Let it stand for 15 minutes then try mashing the dates with a fork The pudding can be served warm with a scoop of icecream and some sliced fruit or you can enjoy it cold
The pudding looks amazing, is it middle eastern? Moving countries is not easy but it teaches you a lot and makes you stronger and more appreciative of the little things in life Some are precious tokens worth keeping while others are nothing more than luggage that weigh you down

2 Sawsan, your post made me think of December 1993, when I left Brazil come to think of it it will be 22 years in a couple of weeks — I knew I was leaving for good, but that was a decision I had made and kept for myself.

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Bake in an oven that you have heated to 180 C in the middle rack for about 45 minutes
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Crazy as that may sound, it works! You can serve this with fruit oranges and strawberries are my favorite
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As you go through the recipe, the technique might take you by surprise
When we decided to move to the UAE a year and a half ago, I had to go through all our stuff, trying to sort through a life time and pack what really matters in 4 suitcases Best decision I ever made, but the most painful and tough to go through — years of struggle laid ahead
I always enjoy reading your reflections and thoughts Sawsan As a result I have played around with the recipe quite a few times

It was a sweet and sour moment as I was going to be united with my husband but then I had to leave my whole family and the place I grew up with behind.

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I feel that the hardest thing to let go off is your family and that all else is replaceable
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🙂 And your pudding sounds and looks divine! You are absolutely right, this is definitely a time of reflection
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