We in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are witnessing a unique quality that awareness stands at the top of its agenda It was established in 1995 to be the first specialized dental complex in East Riyadh
Mary's Hospital UK and Innovation Center at the famous Mayo Clinic, USA What makes these innovations a reality on the ground is the awareness that reaches the patient and then Know his rights and claim the benefits of the health service provided to him

The complex started with only five clinics and then expanded to reach 12 specialized clinics that include several specialties, the most important of which are implants, surgery, dental prostheses and gum treatments.

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The word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors: The world is recently heading to a new principle and an innovative form of health care that is represented in care Human-centered health is a unique idea for the humanization of things and technology and the sharing of disciplines far from the field Health decision-making and health service provided to the patient
World of Smile
About Us We are an integrated medical complex that provides all dentistry, skin and cosmetic treatments
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Today, the world is witnessing living examples of this unique innovation, on top of which are the Helix Center at St
In our turn, we inSmile World Dental-Derma Clinics contribute in one way or another to achieving this principle and raising standards Professionalism and the medical profession actively striving to participate in the manufacture of reliable health content that in turn enhances quality Life and creates awareness for humans Word of the Medical Director:
It seeks to make the group one of the academic facades in the near future by working on authoring medical fields and establishing Scientific conferences

And that was only for the value of the human being and humanity and considering them the real test of the reflection of the health service on the behavior and health of people.

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