You will be the hero who can defeat all your enemies with the least amount of time Generally speaking, it is very exciting to fight among a bunch of strong opponents who might be your friends or who might be just total strangers
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Of course, the weapons available on this island is limited, so you must use each one of the bullet wisely and strategically.

Fortnite Game Review
It feels wonderful to fight with some strangers who might be somewhere in this world that you do not know, but who is always fighting with you
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So you must find a perfect hiding place at first It is really wonderful to charge forward with your own style
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What you need to do is to grasp as many as weapons you need to defeat all your enemies and be the last survivor.

But remember to protect yourself and be the last survivor
Fortnite Game Review
It is easy to defeat one or two enemies, but it is really hard to be the last winner among all those strong fighters
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