com find submissions from "example It was the first meal I had when I landed in the kingdom and my go-to local shawarma restaurant
My staple meal is 5 small shawarmas and a large fresh orange juice

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مطعم ذوق المذاق التركي (الأسعار + المنيو + الموقع ) كافيهات و مطاعم الرياض
I am not sure if he has retired now or whatnot, but attempting to find him is still worth a shot
شاي البحر الأسود التركي 1 كيلو دوغوش
The restaurant was located near the Riyadh Central Hospital, just a couple paces from the KFC that sits near the Obeikan Mosque
قائمة بأشهر المأكولات التركية
I'd had shawermas all over Riyadh city, but his shawerma kept me as his loyal customer for close to two decades
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I had lived in Riyadh from the 80's all the way up to mid 2000's, and was the only authentic shawerma guy I knew com dog Thanks for reminding me I haven't eaten my dose of shawarma this week!

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أشهر منتجات تركيا .. تعرف على أشهر المنتجات التركية التي يمكنك شرائها عند زيارتك لها
The link above is to a snap from a video I made of him in 2005
ذوق المذاق التركي
There's a place right on Takhassusi street across from Saco
مطعم ذوق المذاق التركي (الأسعار + المنيو + الموقع ) كافيهات و مطاعم الرياض
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