Help others to feel happy A friend in need is a damned nuisance
Happiness seems made to be shred Do not waste your life in grief and regret

Do not doubt your sorrow for anyone but God.

عبارات حلوه وقصيره , كلام رئع وممتعه
Most people exist, that is all
عبارات حلوه وقصيره
Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes
عبارات للبنات حلوة
Life is nothing without friendship
Not the saying but the never needing to say is what count A joy shred is doubled
Cut your coat according to your cloth Life is about creating yourself

Do not regret at all because remorse does not change anything from reality.

عبارات حلوه للواتس اب قصيرة تعبر عن المحبة
Ah, how good it feels the hand of an old friend
عبارات جميلة وقصيرة رائعه
After great effort, he explained that water is water
عبارات جميلة وقصيرة للواتس آب.. 65 عبارة لحالات الواتس
When a friend asks there is no tomorrow