Worshiping Him with hope alone is the way of the Murji-ah
The worship that is required includes of the meaning of submission and love, and it consists of three pillars, they are:• Likewise subjugation without love is not worship; just as one is subjugated to a ruler or a tyrant for fear of oppression This is why it is not sufficient to have one without the other in worshiping Allah the Elevated, rather Allah must be more beloved to the servant than anything else, and grander to him than anything else

Worshiping Allah with love alone is the way of the Soofees.

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Fear These three have to be combined, and whoever clings to just one of them would not be a worshiper of Allah with complete worship
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Worshiping Him with fear alone is the way of the Khawaarij
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أركان العبادة القلبية
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