Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR The display quality is very good too Galaxy S21 5G flat on its side to show the camera design
Link to Windows is preloaded on select Galaxy devices It generally feels very responsive, thanks to the combination of the high-end chipset and the high refresh rate display

The two spin together and end switching places.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Review: All The Galaxy You'll Ever Actually Need
Phone placed on a wireless charger
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
He taps the Ultra Wide camera mode on both phones
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors
The phone performed well in benchmarks too Disclaimer: Tech reviewers share their thoughts on the Galaxy S21
The woman still holds Galaxy S21 Plus 5G as she stands on a rock recording the outdoors Marques goes into the phone's Camera app and shows the many shooting modes available

He drags down the Quick menu and dismisses a notification.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Marques outside shooting with Galaxy S21 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
Thankfully, much of it can be uninstalled
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G & S21+ 5G
Wireless charger requires power connection
Thao swipes through multiple open apps on Galaxy S21 5G and looks at a photo close-up in the Gallery app Thao records a video in Single Take and shows the multiple content formats it creates
Actual battery life varies by network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, number of times charged and many other factors Woman records her friend driving the SUV

Then she unlocks the phone multiple times using face recognition.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
SUV drives along the road
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G & S21+ 5G
Then she opens Director's View and switches between three thumbnails onscreen demonstrating the different camera angles
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Meet the new face of Galaxy