Do not make your happiness dependent on a particular event, but train yourself to live happy with everything Happiness comes only to those who deserve it
Happiness is the goal and purpose of every human being Happiness comes only to those who seek it honestly

We are looking for happiness as if away from us, but who knows, perhaps it is under your feet and you do not see it.

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Do not think that happiness is taking but happiness is real in giving
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The best way to squirt on happiness is to help others
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Remember if the darkness is around you, that candle shines inside you
Without happiness, life has no purpose or meaning Be confident of yourself and do not wait for praise from others to feel happy
Happiness comes only to those who pay for it Do not think that happiness like rain will come down to you from heaven, but happiness like a plant must be planted with your hands until you harvest its fruit

Try to find happiness in every moment of your life.

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Be close to the person you love, and you will know the meaning of happiness
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The most important things that we seek to achieve in this life is happiness, happiness stems from the inside and does not acquire, and we make it in our hands and try as much as possible no matter how difficult circumstances that do not affect us and look at everything around us with a positive and optimistic outlook, Here we show you the most beautiful speech about joy and happiness: If you are happy you will make those around you feel happy
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A happy person is the one who makes people around him feel happy and pleased