On March 20, 2013, he was performing at a club in Chicago when he announced that although he is already working in the executive side of and has been on and off since 2007, he along with his brother Derrek will in fact be signed to Ruthless Records, along with his stepmother and current owner of Ruthless Records, Tomica Woods-Wright كلمات اغنية باراك ليل ايزي مكتوبة كاملة ، كلمات باراك ليل ايزي ، كلمات اغنية ليل ايزي باراك مكتوبة وكاملة ، كلمات ليل ايزي باراك ، كليمات اغنيت باراك ليل ايزي
However, as no contract was actually signed, this led to an eventual feud between the two rappers On September 13, 2012, it was reported that Lil Eazy-E was reportedly in contract negotiations with

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ليل إيزي إي إريك رايت جونيور، أو كما يعرف بليل إيزي إي هو الابن الأكبر لإيزي إي، وكان يبلغ من العمر عشر سنين عندما توفي والده
كلمات اغنية باراك ليل ايزي
اصدر ليل إيزي إي ألبومه الأول في نهاية 2009 وهو بعنوان "The Prince Of Compton"
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Lil Eazy-E has performed duets with rappers such as , , , and
وهو مغني راب حاليا على خطا والده وكان على خلاف مع مغني الساحل الغربي تمثل في عدة أغان من الطرفين، لكن الاثنين صرحا بأن الخلاف قد انتهى
YouTube April 6, 2014 He also manages Compton MoneyGang, a musical collaboration with his brother Derrek and members of his family

Previously signed to in the mid-2000s, the new deal with Hoopla Worldwide would controversially be distributed through.

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He also manages a group called Compton MoneyGang which consists of his brother, Derrek "E3" Wright, and his cousins, nephews of