Social problems, the use of the Internet for the purpose of social communication; especially with the emergence of various social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Enstgram, which led to the lack of social interaction face to face, and thus isolation from others, which reduces the skills of social interaction The Internet may be used to abuse people for personal reasons, for example, by reporting people on social networking pages, and the consequent closure of some of the pages; the reason to be personally different opinions sometimes, As the means available to express his anger in it
One of these negatives is addiction, which is the excessive use of anything in life Health problems Health problems, Long sitting in front of computer networks can lead to health problems in sight, or back pain due to sitting on the chair for a long period of time

Anxiety and hyper-thinking in the Internet and what happens in it, feeling sad and depressed to not contact it.

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Sometimes a person is satisfied with his relationships, which are with imaginary friends via the Internet
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One of its worst disadvantages is that it steals your life while you think that you are living a complete and happy life, but you are living an imaginary virtual life
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Despite the enormous benefits of the Internet in terms of providing information and access to information, it is a double-edged sword
And sometimes used to send spam messages or loaded with viruses out of harm or amusement, Which is cautioned against opening attachments to anonymous emails To get rid of addiction it is recommended that: The patient must be aware that he is suffering from addiction, to begin the treatment stage
The use of the Internet has made children addicted to sitting on it for entertainment on various and varied Internet games Internet addiction According to the American Psychiatric Association, the patient suffers from several symptoms: Lack of satiety from using the Internet and spending long hours with it


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These materials may be pornographic, and thus lead to a deviation of young people who have weak religious and moral grounds
During the month you will not find anyone around you
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Neglect of social life and Family and functional obligations
Try to be away from the Internet permanently for a month Thus he loses his real friends, and eventually feels lonely and depressed, so your social relationships must be good
The internet is like smoking and like drugs When you sit in front of the Internet for hours without moving, this leads to addiction

Did my words shock you? What is the relationship between the two?.

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Although that individuals benefit from sitting in front of a computer network; but it has a lot of drawbacks: Negative effects of Internet Ethical problems, the fact that the Internet is used by many groups, and anyone can load what they want from the Internet
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The effects of psychological disorders such as trembling, and moving the finger continuously
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You will know that you are alone in the real world even if you have millions of friends in the virtual world