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كيف اشيل البلوك من الانستقرام
Young, William; Tilley, Fiona 2006
ما هو تعريف التنمية
"Agreement between UNESCO and the City of Milan concerning the International Multimedia Institute IMI - Appointment of Executive Director — UNESCO Archives ICA AtoM catalogue"
ما هو تعريف التنمية
"Beyond the business case for corporate sustainability"
"Energy development and Native Americans: Values and beliefs about energy from the Navajo Nation" Eco-efficiency: The business link to sustainable development
"Native American Storytelling Toward Symbiosis and Sustainable Design"

Sustainable Environmental Economics and Management: Principles and Practice.

هل التدبير نصف المعيشة
The Power of Education: Education for All, Development, Globalisation and UNESCO
هل التدبير نصف المعيشة
"Sustainability, Resource Conservation and Pollution Control: An Overview"
مفهوم التنمية المستدامة
"Tribal Housing, Codesign, and Cultural Sovereignty"