Ha Gyeongsoo is extremely happy when his love confession was reciprocated by his crush Choi Yul Everything in their relationship is going smoothly, making Gyeongsoo believe that all that is happening to him is only but a sweet dream
If there's one thing to note, the author sure knows how to end this story They try to live their simple life together despite the hardships of living without their parents

A hunk who looks an awful lot like.

6 Yaoi Manga Like Killing Stalking [Recommendations]
Shen Sheng
Setsu and Bum think poorly of themselves and have this false, twisted image of love that they have for Hyou and Sangwoo
The two met at the children's palace, and since then, they have grown up together supporting each other
Though, Hyou is more abused physically while Setsu is abused mentally
If you are okay with the disturbing content that this manga has, then give this a read! Abuse and manipulation are the prominent similarity between Camellia and Killing Stalking Yul also mirrors Sangwoo in terms of personality

They enjoy seeing them get hurt and humiliated.

Back To School
Because of their unhealthy environment, these two innocent children grow up to be unstable
Sora no hate
Bastard and Killing Stalking are different in terms of their main genre and their premise, but if you want something that is thrilling, dark, and twisted, then give this manhwa a read! Have you read some of them already? But once you post a video that does not interest anyone, then you must be prepared to face the dreadful consequences
Sora no hate
Camellia may look cute and sweet because of the vibe it gives off, but it does not romanticize abuse in any way