In frogs there is parental care which, although it may be rare in some species, is present in several other species: R-Strategy: Most are "R-strategists," meaning they have a lot of cubs that they hardly care for once they're born Fertilization is external and, as females lay their eggs, the male releases the seminal fluid loaded with sperm onto them and thus fertilizes them
The latter lays its eggs in the forest floor, it is then the male who will protect them against possible predators How are frogs born? Depending on the species of frog, the eggs are often stuck to aquatic vegetation, or they can be laid inside plants in a rosette shape

Strategy K: However, some species are "K strategists", such as the Surinam frog Pipa pipa , the South Darwin's frog Rhinoderma darwinii and frogs of the genus Oophaga, such as the strawberry frog Oophaga pumilio.

دورة حياة الضفدع بالانجليزي
This is what protects them against shock, pathogenic organisms and predators
ما هي مراحل دورة حياة الضفدع ؟
Once the young are born, the female carries the tadpoles on her back in holes formed by plants, such as bromeliad
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Next we will take the time to talk to you about each of the phases of the frog's life cycle
In addition, to keep them moist, the father carries water in his cesspool to wet them Reproduction of frogs Frogs are dioecious amphibians, which means that they have separate sexes and that there are differences between males and females sexual dimorphism
As they do not have shells that protect them from drying out, they lay large quantities of them which will be bound by a gelatinous substance In these cases, the female feeds the tadpoles with unfertilized eggs until the young are strong and large enough for metamorphosis to occur

Thus, if they have many descendants, even if some die, there will be enough to perpetuate the species.

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The eggs are covered with a gelatinous layer which absorbs water and swells
مراحل حياة الضفدع
Metamorphosis of the frog After tadpoles emerge from their eggs, they go through a transformation process, called metamorphosis, in order to reach their adult form
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Mating is done through a "hug" of the male to the female the amplex and it can be inguinal or axillary, which means that it occurs either in the groin or in the armpits Eggs are born from larvae called tadpoles
When spring begins, it is when females lay their mature eggs, when they will enter the water to find a male to mate with The latter live in water, while the adults can lead a semi-terrestrial life hence their amphibian name but they will still have to live near humid places or near a water source


المرحلة الثانية من حياة الضفدع هي
مراحل دورة حياة الضفدع
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