The General Administration for Orphans is the agency for social welfare and family in the Ministry which is responsible and supervising all the affairs of orphans and their care, and aims to work towards setting general policies for the care of orphan children and those of similar status and social groups with special conditions of unknown parents and their inclusion in care, education and reform in accordance with the principles of the tolerant Islamic Sharia With modern scientific methods through residential homes and institutions, or following up their care within foster or friendly families, the General Administration for Orphan Care provides its services through two specialized technical departments: the Department of Orphans Affairs and the Department of Residential Care , 387 U
Edited In particular, every child deprived of liberty shall be separated from adults unless it is considered in the child's best interest not to do so and shall have the right to maintain contact with his or her family through correspondence and visits, save in exceptional circumstances; d Every child deprived of his or her liberty shall have the right to prompt access to legal and other appropriate assistance, as well as the right to challenge the legality of the deprivation of his or her liberty before a court or other competent, independent and impartial authority, and to a prompt decision on any such action


تعريف حقوق الطفل
Mayall ed
حقوق الطفل
Article 162 It is not permissible to employ any person who has not completed fifteen years of age and is not permitted to enter the workplace, and the Minister may raise this age in some industries or regions or for some categories of juveniles by a decision from him
نص اتفاقية حقوق الطفل
A child temporarily or permanently deprived of his or her family environment, or in whose own best interests cannot be allowed to remain in that environment, shall be entitled to special protection and assistance provided by the State
Emphasizing the integration and flexibility of educational channels and tributaries Article 43 1
Promote children's cyberspace security, and protect them in cyberspace Protecting Children from Abuse• Article 8 1

Aspects of social welfare and activities in model education institutions: The model educational institutions depend on planning sponsorship programs and various activities, and supervising their implementation and follow-up by a technical committee formed for this purpose, where coordination is made between social, cultural and sports activities, occupying leisure time with useful hobbies, organizing study times, and so on.

حقوق الطفل ولماذا هي مهمة
National identity card or official certificate of his birth
ما هي أهم حقوق الطفل
The exceptions stipulated in Article 106 of this system shall not apply to them
نص اتفاقية حقوق الطفل
And to confirm this interest, Article 30 of the Basic Law of Governance stipulated The state provides public education