Region-based approach versus mechanism-based approach to the brain Handbook of the Sociology of Emotions by Jan E
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قارن بين نصفي الدماغ الأيمن والأيسر من حيث طريقة التفكير
Stroke: Advances in medical therapy and acute stroke intervention
ما هي أجزاء الدماغ ووظائفها؟
Smith WS, Sung G, Starkman S, et al
احتشاء الدماغ
"Potential new risk factors for ischemic stroke: what is their potential? : Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research; 2016
In: Conn's Current Therapy 2017 Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring writers? Do you have any hints for aspiring writers? Reuter-Lorenz, Kathleen Baynes, George R
Effect of patching on reducing restenosis in the Carotid Revascularization Endarterectomy versus Stenting Trial Smith WS, Sung G, Saver J, et al

Fragments of an Unknown Teaching.

نظرية النصف الأيمن والأيسر من الدماغ .. حقيقة أم خرافة؟
Ultrasound characteristics of symptomatic carotid plaques: A systematic review and meta-analysis
الفرق بين الدماغ الأيمن والأيسر
17 3 : 355—63, viii—ix
مرض الشريان السباتي
The cognitive neuroscience of mind: a tribute to Michael S
The problem is something that not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about Contemporary outcomes after carotid endarterectomy mandate revision of society guidelines to recommend new benchmarks for appropriate treatment of carotid artery disease
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Evaluation of c arotid artery stenosis

Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine.

هل تميلين لشخصية الدماغ الأيمن أم الدماغ الأيسر؟
Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? Long-term sequelae of West Nile virus-related illness: A systematic review
احتشاء الدماغ
Does the brain test measure knowledge or brain development? "Mechanical thrombectomy of intracranial internal carotid occlusion: pooled results of the MERCI and Multi MERCI Part I trials"
ما هي أجزاء الدماغ ووظائفها؟
Divided consciousness: multiple controls in human thought and action expanded edition