The analysis of several Pteroclava krempfi colonies from Indo-Pacific and Caribbean localities associated with several host octocorals revealed a high intra-specific genetic variability Our findings provide novel insights and contribute significantly to the molecular-level understanding of the initial and essential step of the homing process
Notably, the two nominal genera were confirmed to be monophyletic and both morphological and genetic data led to the formal description of a new genus exclusively associated with octocorals, Pseudozanclea gen However, microbial associations are dynamic and can change across physicochemical gradients and spatial scales, which needs to be considered to understand the ocean ecosystem better

Although microbial interactions underpin ocean ecosystem functions, they remain barely known.

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Although multiple factors that affect the rolling behavior of the cells have been identified, molecular mechanisms that enable the essential slow and stable cell rolling remain elusive
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Density functional theory calculations imply that the above-mentioned defects have a considerable influence on the electronic structure and properties
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Previous studies have revealed a rapid increase in the SRB over the past 15 years and the presence of important variations across regions
Additionally, the presence of euryteles aggregation in the polyp stage and the exumbrellar nematocyst pouches with euryteles represent synapomorphies of all cladocorynid taxa and probably emerged in their most recent common ancestor Dong, Chunwei; Huang, Renwu; Chen, Cailing; Chen, Jie; Nematulloev, Saidkhodzha; Guo, Xianrong; Ghosh, Atanu; Alamer, Badriah Jaber; Hedhili, Mohamed N
; Han, Yu; Mohammed, Omar F 06 in all regions by the mid-2030s

Different studies have analyzed microbial interactions using static association networks based on omics-data.

أضواء على الرسالة المنسوبة إلى الحافظ الذهبي • مستودع الكتب • الموقع الرسمي للمكتبة الشاملة
Furthermore, we model the SRB imbalance using a trapezoid function to capture the increase, stagnation, and decrease of the sex ratio transition by Vietnamese regions
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Accordingly, the diagnosis of the family was updated
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The ancestral state reconstruction of selected characters revealed that the symbiosis with octocorals likely appeared in the most recent common ancestor of Pteroclava and Pseudozanclea
We explored associations between archaea, bacteria, and picoeukaryotes along the water column from the surface to the deep ocean across the northern subtropical to the southern temperate ocean and the Mediterranean Sea by defining sample-specific subnetworks KAUST researchers: To add your research to the repository, click on , log in with your KAUST user name and password, and deposit the item in the appropriate collection
The hydrozoan family Cladocorynidae inhabits tropical to temperate waters and comprises the two genera Pteroclava and Cladocoryne

The Bayesian model incorporates the uncertainties from the observations and year-by-year natural fluctuation.

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The modeling suggests that the formation of defective Cu36 rather than the perfect half cube is driven by the enlargement of the energy gap between the highest occupied molecular orbital and the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital of the nanocluster
أضواء على الرسالة المنسوبة إلى الحافظ الذهبي • مستودع الكتب • الموقع الرسمي للمكتبة الشاملة
The model projections suggest that the current decade will record a sustained decline in sex imbalances at birth, and the SRB should be back to the national SRB baseline level of 1
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Single- and multi-locus species delimitations resulted in three to five species hypotheses, but the statistical analysis of morphometric data showed only limited distinction among the clades of P