She said: "I am a female in reality but a male on papers Indeed, when I was stopped at one of the check points and the guards reviewed my ID and compared it with my outward appearance, they did not understand the matter, so I was arrested on charges of homosexuality and I was imprisoned for two months
Security points are a source of fear for me and I always try to avoid them, because the security men will not appreciate my case After two months in prison, I obtained a patent ruling, which is the first of its kind in Kuwait on such cases

" Bashayer Hussain is a Kuwaiti artist born in 1989, she started her career in art in 2011, and one of the first projects she participated in is the series "Remains of Wounds" with Hayat Alfahed playing the role of "Narges".

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A post shared by bshayerhussain on Oct 16, 2019 at 1:52pm PDT She said: "What I did is not a violation of Sharia, this is something inside of me and this is my truth
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" Hussein continued that this put her a lot of trouble, and she had to face persecution and humiliation
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" A post shared by bshayerhussain on Jun 6, 2019 at 4:27am PDT Hussein went on saying: "The police officer's manner was condescending and unfair, and used his authority to impose a sentence on me, and he is not a doctor to determine whether I am a male or a female
" She concluded: "Facing my truth did not harm me, because I see myself as a human being like any other human being, and because I know the nature of the arts field and what I will encounter in it
I have set for myself and others red lines


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'They Jailed Me for Two Months!' Kuwaiti Actress Shocks People: Used to Be a
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