just from auto adjustments- this mic doesn't pick up any bg noise when I'm gaming or hardly hearing the mashing of my keyboard and mouse clicks Well-made, sturdy, good dynamic range, it's a bit bass-heavy for my guitar but that's an easy fix in Audacity and obviously it's better to have too much dynamics than too little
When I tested on 3-4 songs, these came clean I think this model totally dominates that territory and anyone looking to spend that kinda cash should be giving it serious consideration

Overall though I am happy with it, the matching Pop filter advertised for it is a bit useless as the pops still come through but I'm planning on buy a professional one anyway.

Perfect for recording music, Skype, FaceTime and VoIP applications• Now I no longer have that background noise and it's crystal clean
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This set up only works because this mic doesn't catch much noise from the back or sides so I don't hear any room car noise and outside noise until I push the gains
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Headphone output for zero-latency monitoring• I had a very expensive professional setup with an audio interface and a Shure SM7B, what they use on most radio programs
A great all round Mic with excellent sound quality Just about the only bad thing I can think of to say about this microphine is that the supplied lead could be a bit longer to give a bit more flexibility
I had a lot of fun setting it up and testing it out Amazon reviewers, bloggers and audio magazine reviewers all give it their endorsement

Definitely worth the money, and something I'd recommend if you're not ready to jump into expensive studio equipment just yet.

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Though the colours on the pictures show a hint of gold, that is almost invisible on the actual mic, which I personally like
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It feels and looks good
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It helps me improve my singing on the spot