We Become What We Behold endings The users have recently been asking a lot of questions related to the popular 5-minute browser game, We Become What We Behold And he is the image of God
We read His Word thoughtfully, pondering its implications for our lives

This appeal to our narcissism at the pituitary level produces and almost involuntary response to "be seen".

We Become What We Behold endings: Does this game have multiple endings?
Since age 14, he has been leading worship pretty much every Sunday of his life, experiencing all of the joys and trials of church ministry
What Are You Beholding?
There is only one thing we need to behold and that is Jesus
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If not the Creator, then the creation
Seen externally by other citizens of this world, this nation of trivialization and it's consequent human excesses, arrogance, and inability to communicate constructively in the world of nations is a live and present danger because it IS the most powerful and most dangerous nation on earth It is now under the control of a mediated environment wherein the "photographer" has become the network executives and the "Reality" captured photographically by the technology of the ubiquitous and omnipresent "Camera" is in the hands of producers for the "Network"
I'm never gonna make a direct sequel to that -- I think I ended that series on a good enough note -- but here you go, a short spiritual sequel to :the game:! Thank you so much for playing! As we see Him rightly, our hearts will be reminded to be still

Who, is the GATEKEEPER to your mind? My bias of understanding tells me that this "Becoming" traces back to the origin of homus intelligentia which I believe to be Adam and Eve.

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WE BECOME WHAT WE BEHOLD a game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles This silly game was created by me, Nicky Case, in two months! The result is a leveling of everything on television to an amalgum of entertainment-driven trivial meaninglessness when seen in the larger context of the dynamics of a real world struggling to work out social injustice, impoverishment, starvation, global warming due to human excess, war-mongering, hatred expressed through terrorism
TYRANNY of the CAMERA: We Become What We Behold
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Becoming What We Behold
We have, as citizens, fallen prey to the ultimate tyranny of the camera - the enabling of huge television media giants that have been given the power and means to cultivate and harvest us as a collective of eyeballs, demo- graphically defined
The only way to be like Jesus is to abide with Jesus In the earlier days of photography, the producer photographer chose an image to photograph for three reasons: 1
I was in the living room, but could hear the tell-tale sound of a drink spilling everywhere Our worship of power makes us harsh and demanding

Just one example of the tyrrany of this media-surround under commercial control and it's impact on the trivialization of the American mind is when, in interviewing an expert who is asked to comment on what and who initialized the collapse of the American economy before the Epic American Bailout became necessary, Katie Curic says, "Thank you, sir.

Becoming What We Behold
We tend to look for methods, strategies, and action points
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Deep within every true Christian is a longing to be more like Christ
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