Anonymous Anonymous23 May 2014 at 08:13 What would you suggest when you want to focus on smaller fragments? RNA 2010 Curtis et al
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The size of fragments eluted from the beads or that bind in the first place is determined by the concentration of PEG, and this in turn is determined by the mix of DNA and beads.

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When you say "cold or time" would help, were you referring to the DNA binding condition? How do SPRI beads work?
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To be longer-winded, I think Anonymous is suggesting that at a low enough pH the carboxyl group is protonated, not ionised, and that with the electronegativity of two adjacent oxygen atoms it is showing an induced positive charge not a full positive charge like a proton or sodium ion would carry, but partial positive charge due to the electrons from the O-H sigma bond hanging out around the oxygen nuclei more of the time : contact us via email address:: besthackersworld58 gmail
Cold or time will allow the smaller balls to aggregate form larger balls and increase surface area of the ball to stick to a solid support or be spun out by centrifugation 1ul of AmpureXP will bind over 3ug DNA

You are most likely to come across SPRI beads labeled as.

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How will you use SPRI in your lab? These mechanisms may be behind the "crowding" talked about on other sites
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NAR 1995 Hawkins et al
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