Swanson had made some notes in his copy of the book concerning Anderson's suspect, and wrote that the suspect's name was Kosminski Evans and Skinner, The Ultimate Jack the Ripper Sourcebook, pp
Claiming his initials were AICD and not IACD might have gotten him off that particular hook, but my contention is that there are several similar strange coincidences, and these become so many as to no longer be acceptable as coincidences but must be assumed to be purposeful clues put in place by a very strange author Whether or not this Jack is the culprit remains a mystery

The writing was of someone not well read or written but it was easy for someone who was well read or written to deceive by pretending to be so thus making it obvious the person was actually revealing them self more by the false leads by being the opposite of them.

The History of Jack the Ripper
The media was quick to cover the murders, and the case was the talk of the town
Casebook: Jack the Ripper
For some inexplicable reason, the head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Charles Warren ordered it to be rubbed out! Scotland Yard came up with a few suspects after a thorough investigation, but the case went unsolved
Jack the Ripper (1959)
The "" letter The "Saucy Jacky" postcard was postmarked 1 October 1888 and was received the same day by the Central News Agency
The public, press, and even many junior police officers believed that the Ripper was responsible for nine slayings It is clear that the author wants to be known and respected and is seeking this rather desperate way to gain fame
The left kidney and the major part of the uterus had been removed, and her face had been disfigured, with her nose severed, her cheek slashed, and cuts measuring a quarter of an inch and a half an inch respectively vertically incised through each of her eyelids In the first four the throats appear to have been cut from left to right, in the last case owing to the extensive mutilation it is impossible to say in what direction the fatal cut was made, but arterial blood was found on the wall in splashes close to where the woman's head must have been lying

His character-specific ending focuses on the enemies arguing after he escapes.

An Introduction to the Jack the Ripper Mystery
Suspected — his wife, Florence, was arrested, convicted and then released on re-examination of her case
Jack the Ripper identity: Aaron Kopsminski named as notorious serial killer by forensic scientists
It was Doyle twisting and emphasizing these facts to fit his needs and I am only exposing what appear to be his clues, for all you Ripperologists to consider
DNA evidence reveals the identity of Jack the Ripper, scientists claim
You come across as dishonest when you keep on ignoring this simple fact