And that's where Bigi originated from Elsewhere, the master suite comes complete with a king size bed, its own walk-in wardrobe, gym area and dual bathrooms with an extra large marble bath
What Is Blanket's Real Name? Which means the biggest question about why Bigi goes by his chosen name remains somewhat of a mystery It's also possible that Bigi stems from Blanket Jackson, or BJ, which in today's world might earn Bigi more teasing than his former nickname did

Bigi's real name is a tribute to his dad; Prince Michael Jackson II.

Inside Michael Jackson's son Bigi’s jaw
Either way, Blanket grew tired of being Blanket and opted for Bigi
For their first video, they kicked things off with a review of Avengers: Endgame — and have since continued with reviews of Marriage Story, Gemini Man and more
Either way, the now-19-year-old isn't very active on social media apart from being snapped in his siblings' photos , so he hasn't personally shared his reasons for the name
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Fans can speculate, of course, that Bigi comes from an abbreviation or diminutive adaptation of Blanket.

Still, it seems clear that his name is chosen, and not given to him by anyone else, because of the way his siblings refer to him in their posts and conversations
Michael Jackson's son Bigi, once known as Blanket, buys house in Calabasas
Though , unlike his siblings, Bigi seems to prefer staying out of the public eye and the spotlight
Inside Michael Jackson's son Bigi’s jaw
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