An idiomatic way of asking someone, "What's up? Derivation of the active participle Active participles are derived in fairly regular ways from their root verbs " List of commonly-used active participles Generally speaking, the most commonly-used active participles fall into the categories of motion or action going, coming, leaving, carrying , location living, staying , and mental state seeing, understanding, wanting
I don't believe my eyes! You can think of it as saying, "I'm still in the state of just having done whatever If you mess up and use an imperfect-tense verb where you should use an active participle or vice versa , it can change your sentence's meaning completely! I go to the club regularly

Note that generally you can leave out the subject pronoun that would go with the active participle, as long as it's clear who you're talking about.

شرح درس اسم الفاعل بالأمثلة
-or- What do you do as a career? I'm going out, do you want anything? The active participle in Egyptian Arabic•
شرح درس اسم الفاعل بالأمثلة
Introduction Active participles act as adjectives, and so they must agree with their subject
اسم فاعل و اسم مفعول
" What are you doing right now? You're walking down a flight of stairs, and your friend downstairs calls you to ask where you are
I wear a suit on a regular basis For some verbs, active participles are not used, while for others, they are used frequently and must be used instead of the present continuous tense if you want to describe a current action


قواعد عربی دهم
اسم الفاعل واسم المفعول
The active participle (اسم الفاعل) in Egyptian Arabic


تعريف اسم الفاعل
اسم الفاعل
اسم المفعول