Compound or mixed governments reflect the reality that human frailty justifies and necessitates institutional checks and balances to the magistrate's presumed propensity to abuse power A companion to the American Revolution, Ch
Olmstead 1960 , History of Religion in the United States, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N


النظام السياسي والسلطات الثلاث: المفهوم وتطور دلالاته
السلطات الثلاث
The final crisis of the Stuart monarchy: the revolutions of 1688-91 in their British, Atlantic and European contexts, Chapter 3
السلطات الثلاث:
Olmstead, History of Religion in the United States, pp
Otto Heinrich von der Gablentz, Gewalt, Gewaltenteilung, In Evangelisches Soziallexikon, col Calvin's republican sympathies derived from his view of human nature as deeply flawed
forms the corpus of legal constitutional acts of England [ Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang

Whig Thought and the Revolution of 1688—91.

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It was this commitment to checks and balances that became the basis of Calvin's resistance theory, according to which inferior magistrates have a duty to resist or restrain a tyrannical sovereign
بحوث وثقافة: مبدأ الفصل بين السُلطات الثلاث في الدولة
] in the absence of a written constitution in England it may at times be difficult to determine whether a particular text belongs to the constitutional law, i
سلطات الدولة في التنظيم السعودي وعلاقتها ببعضها البعض
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