The Future Saudi Cities Programme is a joint programme developed by the Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and UN-Habitat, implemented in close cooperation with the municipalities of 17 major Saudi cities, the cities have been selected based on their different population sizes, geographic distribution, and a range of criteria based on capacities and economic potential to create a more balanced regional development among the cities of Saudi Arabia The application will be approved or rejected after the interview
This report shows with compelling evidence the current state of Saudi cities one of FSCP outcomes is the Saudi Cities Report 2019

The implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the adequate response to SDGs— Goal 11 and other urban targets— is paramount to make Saudi cities and human settlements safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.

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Saudi cities need to be more economically diversified and productive; it is also important to strengthen the institutional and legislative frameworks of Saudi cities as a basis of implementing a reinvigorated notion urban planning that can respond to current and emerging urban challenges in the Kingdom
قائمة مدن السعودية
قائمة مدن السعودية
This report provides clear recommendations in these critical areas
these efforts that provide a solid base from which necessary institutional, legal and programmatic changes and adaptations can be undertaken to ensure that a prosperous future of Saudi cities is reality for all The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is determined to make qualitative and quantitative leaps in this regard, not sparing human and financial resources
Working collaboratively, it will be possible to advance the national and international development agenda toward sustainable development Send the request, to be reviewed by the concerned employee

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This report has benefitted from the collaborative effort of researchers, economists, environmental experts, urban planners and legal experts, all of them working closely with MoMRA, Government officials and other professionals
قائمة مدن السعودية
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It presents the key challenges that urban areas in Saudi Arabia contend with, as well as the opportunities they have in contributing to national and sustainable Foreword development