Add the LEVEL measures shown in the dosage table Close the bottle and shake it until the powder is completely dissolved
Test the temperature of the food infantis-IM1 to boost immune system and inhibit the growth of pathogens

Zinc, vit D, vit C, Prebiotic and Probiotics L.

بليميل بلس 2 حليب اطفال ، 400 غرام : البقالة
Pour a suitable amount of water into the previously sterilised bottle
حليب بليميل بلس Blemil plus
This product contains egg and fish
حليب بليميل بلس 3 و بليميل بلس 2 و بليميل بلس 1 و كومفورت و الفرق بينهم
The product should be used within one month after the can has been opened
Omega 3 DHA , Omega 6 AA and Lutein for maturation of cognitive and visual functions• Bioactive compounds like taurine and L-carnitine for the maturation of the central nervous system


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