Individuals with highly reactive sleep systems experience drastic deterioration of sleep when stressed, whereas those with low sleep reactivity proceed largely unperturbed during stress
Hasler G, Buysse DJ, Klaghofer R, Gamma A, Ajdacic V, Eich D, Rossler W, Angst J

Humid heat exposure further increases thermal load during sleep and affects sleep stages and thermoregulation.

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On the other hand, cold exposure does not affect sleep stages, though the use of beddings and clothing during sleep is critical in supporting thermoregulation and sleep in cold exposure
These in turn presage the development of insomnia disorder, which increases sleep reactivity, heightening the likelihood of future sleep disturbance
Given that insomniacs with high sleep reactivity tend to present with severe insomnia phenotypes, patient sleep reactivity may inform triaging to different levels of treatment
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Changes of heart rate and high frequency, percentage of low frequency and ratio of low frequency to high frequency components in three conditions The vertical line represents the standard error

[A] more liberal parental attitude toward evening bedtime in the past decades is most likely responsible for the bedtime shift and for the decline of sleep duration.

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These results indicate that the impact of cold exposure may be greater than that of heat exposure in real-life situations; thus, further studies are warranted that consider the effect of cold exposure on sleep and other physiological parameters
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The role of sleep reactivity in the impact of stress on sleep
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Sleep reactivity is the trait-like degree to which stress exposure disrupts sleep, resulting in difficulty falling and staying asleep