Escort service Nile Air provides escort service for unaccompanied minors to arrive at their final destinations safely and to reassure their families that the children are taken care of by trained staff Nile Air is considered the third airline in Egypt after Egypt Air and Egyptian International Airline
Privileges When Booking Nile Air:• A wheelchair service is offered for passenger who cannot walk for long distances to board the aircraft It offers Business class passengers access to waiting lounges at airports

Nile Air takes Burj Al Arab International Airport in Alexandria and King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah as secondary airports for its aviation operations.

حجز تذاكر طيران النيل بأرخص سعر وأفضل عروض رحلات طيران رخيصة
Then, the child is taken to the aircraft where he is received by a member of the hosting crew to look after him during the flight
حجز النيل للطيران
Wheelchair services incur additional charges
حجوزات النيل للطيران
Note: Escort service is not available for children under the age of five to travel without an accompanying adult above 12 years of age
About Nile Air Nile Air is an Egyptian private airline offering integrated services in the field of air transport Passengers can easily manage their booking through Nile Air online booking• Nile Air highly recommends parents to inform the company in case that the person who would receive the child is late at the designated destination in order to take the necessary actions
It offers low-cost travel-related services for different classes of people especially on flights from Saudi Arabia to Egypt and vice versa Nile Air baggage policy features flexibility as it offers extra weight for checked and carry-on baggage more than normally permitted by many private airlines

It connects Egypt with Saudi Arabia through a vast network of routes to and from different cities.

حجز النيل للطيران
Distinctive seats: Business class cabins are equipped with leather seats of 42 inches wide; featuring comfort and space
حجز تذاكر طيران النيل بأرخص سعر وأفضل عروض رحلات طيران رخيصة
The passengers are allowed to carry any of the following items without additional charges: baby food as much as necessary during flights, a baby carrier, fully collapsible chair, crutches, a walking stick, and artificial legs if the passenger dependents on them
رقم تليفون شركة النيل للطيران وعناوين الفروع بجميع الدول عروض الطيران
It operates flights to more than 20 destinations in 7 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe
Assortment of meals: Nile Air offers Business class passengers a variety of meals, curated and served by a dedicated hosting crew to serve the passengers culinary pleasures
Passengers on Business class are allowed 40 kgs of checked baggage and Economy class passengers are eligible for 30 kgs of checked baggage The airline's main headquarter is in Cairo and Cairo International Airport is the main hub for its operations

It is offered in 3 different cases:• Nile Air offers several services associated with basic travel services, such as: The wheelchair services Wheelchairs are offered to facilitate travel of physically challenged individuals.

رقم تليفون شركة النيل للطيران وعناوين الفروع بجميع الدول عروض الطيران
With respect to Nile Air general rules of luggage:• It was launched in March 2011 with a capital of 200 million Egyptian pounds and it belongs to Al Tayyar Travel Group
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Travel of Children 5 to 11 years of age:• Irrespective of their class, passengers on board Nile Air are eligible to carry 7 kgs to their cabins along with a bag of upto 10 kgs for passengers travelling with an infant
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Passengers also can pre-define their favorite seats via online booking