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Download Sehhaty APK latest v2.8.1 for Android
Search for medication and the nearest pharmacies that provide it
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Download Sehhaty APK latest v2.8.1 for Android
With the help of Sehhaty, the government plans to disseminate health information and medical e-service facilities to the residents of Saudi Arabia
The app was rated 1-star by 42 users and 5-star by 15477 users Since the outburst of COVID-19, there are so many countries that came up with e-medical services
Review test results, medications, immunization history, and more• Book an appointment for the COVID-19 test The result of school screening

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sehhaty Sehhaty App provides health services for individuals in Saudi Arabia
Sehhaty Apk Download V2.8.1 Free For Android [صحتي]
Sehhaty is a tool where you can carry out procedures related to the Saudi Arabian health system
Sehhaty APK latest v2.8.1 for Android free Download
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